Covenant Enforcement and Collections

WBA represents homeowner and commercial associations, as well as metropolitan districts that are responsible for covenant enforcement and design review, operations and maintenance of common and other public areas, together with required collection activities.

Colorado statutes authorize metropolitan districts to furnish covenant enforcement and design review services in lieu of an owners association. We advise developers on establishing metropolitan districts as the covenant enforcement and design review entity, and we assist the district board with developing and adopting appropriate and effective rules, policies and guidelines. WBA assists many metropolitan districts in this role by issuing notices of noncompliance, collecting fines, obtaining compliance or enforcing other available remedies.

WBA provides comprehensive collections services for many fee-assessing districts and handles hundreds of outstanding accounts on a daily basis. We have developed a streamlined, cost-effective and efficient process for working with homeowners to help our clients collect the fees necessary to operate. We adhere strictly to the collections procedures and requirements set forth in the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.