Practice Areas

Owners Associations

WBA represents homeowner and commercial associations, as well as metropolitan districts that are responsible for covenant enforcement and design review, operations and maintenance of common and other public areas, together with required collection activities.

Owners associations face complex issues that often involve many areas of law. Attorneys of WBA have decades of experience in the representation of owners associations, and regularly share that experience through teaching classes and seminars to association managers and board members. Our attorneys have represented countless community associations throughout the State of Colorado in a myriad of matters including document amendments, rule review and drafting, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, contract drafting and review, and document interpretation. In addition, we have a dedicated staff to handle collection and covenant enforcement matters for our association clients. The firm is able to manage a high-volume collections caseload, which includes regularly attending court appearances for hearings, pre-trial conferences, returns, court-ordered mediations and trials.

We also advise clients concerning the exercise of owner association tasks (covenant enforcement and design review) by metropolitan districts, which are authorized under Colorado law to undertake these functions. Consolidation of owner association tasks into the functions of metropolitan districts warrants careful consideration, and WBA attorneys are well versed in the ramifications of doing so.